That smile though, that’s the smile of a woman who about to consume your soul.

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at this point I don’t even have a sense of humour, just sarcasm and self-hatred

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seen a few of these going around so i thought id make my own

That 70s show meets tumblr (inspired by)





im really interested in zombie apocalypse media as a projection and extension of young american male craving for power-based survival-of-the-fittest type narratives that celebrate violence and dehumanization of the other

It makes sense: the first Godzilla craze in japan reflected the fear they felt about the danger of nuclear radiation.

I dislike how survival horror used to be a genre stocked with female heroes, where men who couldn’t get along with others died, and now has become the opposite and are fantasies of dudes who don’t like other people to pretend that in a just post-societal world their awesome individuality would be recognized.

#I also always analyzed it that women survived this genre so well #because women are used to being in a world with predators #and men aren’t



ugh, like there is LITERALLY no canonical evidence for the ~han solo: space womanizer~ head canon. like, when he first meets the ONE female character in the entire series that he interacts with he is GROUCHY and SHOUTY at her, not sauve and dashing. she thinks he is a tool and tells him this multiple times. not really smooth and charming.

he then takes to following her around on Hoth and practically pulling her pigtails asking ” DO YOU LIKE ME? YES/NO? (PLS SAY YES)” with hearts in his eyes. (Chewie probably had to throw out like a HALF DOZEN old notebooks that were filled with awful power ballads/poetry/odes to her and “Mr. Han Organa” written in different fonts)

when it comes to the iconic ‘i know’ in response to Leia’s proclamtion of love, Ford has stated that it’s out of PURE CONCERN for HER FEELINGS (“the point is that I’m not worried about myself anymore, I’m worried about her” - DIRECT QUOTE), it was NOT a ‘boss’ move or ‘so swagtastic it hurts’ it was an apology that he couldn’t be there for her, it was an attempt to make her smile, to make it hurt less than if he had said the words too and then was forced to leave her. (not that he would have been much help; remember that han solo spends the majority of the 3rd film mostly blind and feeble, unable to take care of himself and generally getting in the way while Leia Gets Shit Done)

when he does say the words, it’s with the most adoring and awestruck expression. those words are fused with more than just love and respect. he’s almost HONOURED that he gets to love this badass babe and that she allows him to exist in her orbit.

 AND THEN he loves Leia so much that he’s willing to step aside so she can be happy with the man he believes she wants. and valuing a woman’s choices and feelings over your own is not exactly womanizing behaviour - so where did this headcanon come from??

Indiana Jones


First and Last words in supernatural. 

Fuck this

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